Dental implants are the best, longest-lasting options to restoring missing teeth 

People with missing teeth or non-implant-supported options have problems eating certain foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, which can compromise their nutrition. Denture-wearing patients often lose some of their ability to taste foods. In addition, chewing can be difficult and painful so digestion is often compromised. Because dental implants function more like teeth, these offer the benefit of better health due to improved nutrition and taste, as well as proper digestion.The Benefits of Dental Implant:

Self Confidence

Even the best-made partials and dentures are prone to slipping and "clicking" if left unsupported. Business meetings, dining out and social activities become exercises in unpleasant suspense: Will my dentures embarrass me this time-again?
Can they see the metal clasps on my partial?
With dental implants, you will smile, talk and eat with more comfort and confidence because your teeth won't slip or fall out!

Improved Quality Of Life

Dental implants are designed to be a long lasting solution for tooth loss and are cared for with brushing and flossing, just like natural teeth. Caring for non-implant tooth replacements can be much less convenient compared to implant-supported teeth. Dental implants also eliminate the need to use messy dental adhesives.

Enhanced Appearance

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone begins to shrink away or reabsorb and becomes increasingly brittle, compromising adjacent teeth and increasing the chance of a changed appearance. Non-implant supported dentures, such as partials or bridges, may actually accelerate this process. Dental implants may help to prevent or slow bone re-absorption, helping to preserve your natural facial contours.

Types of Dental Implants We Offer

We offer many different types of tooth replacement options, and if you are not sure which type is right for you and your current needs, then you can get all of your questions answered in a consultation with any of our highly qualified dental professionals. After meeting with one of our dentists, you will have all the information you will need in order to make a fully informed decision about the treatment costs, recovery times and any post operation activities that is going to be best for your lifestyle, your health, and your smile.


Single Tooth Implant Replacement

There is no better, long-lasting option to restoring a missing tooth than a dental implant fitted with a crown.Traditional replacement of a single tooth using a dental implant is often completed over multiple visits.


Multiple Teeth
Replacing multiple teeth using dental implants with individual crowns or with an implant-supported fixed bridge gives your teeth a level of fit, feel and functionality that is not possible with other treatment options.


Implant Over-Dentures

Over dentures will sit comfortably over the implants during the healing process The procedure is minimally invasive and performed in the dental surgery under local anaesthesia. They are unique in design as they can fit in to small spaces and where the bone is limited in height and width.

Same Day Implant
This treatment option is designed for patients who need to replace an entire arch or full mouth of teeth. Now, thanks to advances in implant technology and new protocols developed by experienced oral surgeons and prosthodontists, you can replace failing or missing teeth in just one day. Most patients can have the solution they’ve been seeking all in just one day.

There are many benefits to Smile in a Day same-day dental implants... Read More >>>


 No waiting – you can have your treatment in as little as one day after your initial consultation




 This female patient was missing three of her top teeth . She couldn't wear dentures and was looking for a permanent solution. She received two unit implant and bridge in the top .

This  bridges are permanent, which has totally changed her life.



Implant on front tooth
Dental Implant in Chester performed at Deva Dental Clinic 


 In this case the patient had a periodontal gum disease; the bone had also receded around the teeth. All of his front teeth were extracted and the gums were cleaned up.

He received 4 implants and a 6-unit bridge in the upper jaw. This  bridges are permanent.


A picture tells a thousand words! See more photos of our patients before and after their smile makeover at Deva Dental Clinic . Click here for Smile Gallery 

Click here for illustrated information from the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI)
The ADI aims to provide the public with an improved understanding of the benefits of implantology, and Members with the benefits of continuous skills development, safeguarding standards.

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