Dental Veneering is among the most efficient restorative techniques for rectifying teeth that are chipped, discoloured or stained, cracked or have gaps between them.
The term veneer is often understood to be a thin decorative covering. Dental veneers could be represented similarly since this kind of dental restoration covers the exterior surface of a tooth to suit the shape, colour, craze lines, and even add more length to genetically smaller teeth. Dental veneers are the perfect solution to gaining the appearance you have always desired with just little disturbance to your tooth surface.
Much like other restorative procedures, when your teeth are mindfully prepared, a mold is taken to create the veneers. Deva Dental Clinic guarantees to accomplish a perfect positioning with your gum-line alongside an impeccable natural look. We utilize the latest front surface of a tooth, specially created from porcelain. The appearance and strength of our dental veneers beat that of natural teeth, and they are employed to make permanent transformation to the smile. Dental veneers are often used to cover up only a dark tooth but more frequently are utilised as a part of the smile makeover.
At the Deva Dental Clinic, our smile makeovers start off at the consultation where we figure out what patients do not like concerning their teeth, and the type of smile required. Computer-aided smile design is then employed to create the smile and also to modify the required tooth shapes and color to the client's preferences.

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This patient was tired of her discoloured teeth on her upper front. We were able to restore a more pleasing contour and harmonised colour with crowns and veneers.This patient received six upper veneers and crowns to improve the appearance of her smile.Now she is able to smile with confidence once again!



This patient came to Dr R Badeli with a lifelong history of dental problems. Many of his teeth were broken, decayed. He had never been able to smile with confidence and it was obviously affecting his daily life. Dr Badeli rebuilt his  teeth with dental Bridge and then completed his new smile with porcelain veneers and Crowns. None of his teeth are removable, and he can now smile with confidence in addition to chewing like a normal person!


A picture tells a thousand words! See more photos of our patients before and after their smile makeover at Deva Dental Clinic . Click here for Smile Gallery











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